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Producer's statement

"In 2017 I was part of a high budget production with hundreds of cast and crew members on location. This led to a use of 1000 plastic bottles per day – most of them had to be thrown away unfinished. On top of that, all waste, whether it was plastic bottles, food scraps or paper call sheets were thrown in the same bin, with nobody paying attention to recycling.

This really blew my mind and I promised myself then, that any production I was in charge of, would function in a more sustainable way. Although “The Boat” will be on a smaller scale, I want to make sure that we will not create any unnecessary waste.

I want my future productions to be safe, clean and environmentally friendly. I want to encourage my cast and crew members to be more aware and in doing so creating a cost-effective and sustainable solution to waste."

Barbara Maria Hauser, Producer of The Boat